At New Look our team is equipped to handle a wide variety of exterior repairs for residential and commercial properties.
We believe in preserving the quality of your structure and saving you money if possible. We're here to work with your budget and to help you maintain your existing exterior needs as well as replace them.

Common Repairs

Leaking Ceiling - Not all leaks require a full roof replacement. Roof leaks occur for a variety of reasons.You can replace the damaged section of your structure. Our experts will access the damage during a thorough inspection to determine if a repair will be efficient enough. We are experts at maintaining both old and new roof structures and understand the restoration process. 

Missing Shingles or Nail Pops - Minor repairs like this often can create a very costly expense if not taken care of quickly and properly. Blow-offs can occur when seams and flaps open due to poorly connected flashing. We can order almost any shingle color to match your existing shingle color and do a detailed and thorough look for any nails that may have lifted due to age and weather. 

Fallen Gutter or Hanging Downspout - Sometimes the weight of debris can cause sagging or fallen gutters. New Look can reset your existing gutters for a more proper flow of water to help extend the life of your gutter system. Downspouts can often come unattached to your structure causing a hanging effect.


Ponding Waters - A roof will not perform up to its potential when water has accumulated on its surface. Ponding water can be due to poor roof design or subsequent roof breakdowns over time.

Punctures - The best approach to punctures is not only to perform a roof repair but to add walkway paths to prevent additional punctures from forming in the future. 

Replacement of Roofing Fixtures - During the lifetime of a roof the fixtures may need to be replaced due to weather causing dry-rot, dents, or damage from high winds and debris. This simple replacement of Pipe Boots, Vents, or flashing could prevent excessive damage in the long run. 


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