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Your Home Is Your Most Significant Investment

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Just like any other investment, it’s crucial to remember to keep up on the maintenance. Would you buy a vehicle, and then never have it serviced? No. While it is important to check things such as your siding and windows, a lot of people don't think about their roof regularly and forget to make sure that it’s safe. At New Look Roof, we want to help you protect your biggest investment, so you can enjoy your home (without the worry of a leaky roof) for years to come.

But how would you know if something is wrong with the roof on your home?

Let's talk about the things on your roof that should be getting monitored regularly.


Gutters often get plugged up with things such as leaves and twigs, and when water builds up, it tends to start pulling them down. This problem is easily avoidable and is a reasonably simple task to do as long as you have the proper ladder and clean out equipment.


It's easy to notice when you have any missing shingles or some that need replacing whether they be curling or broken. You don't want to neglect an issue like this because it can cause the wood underneath to rot!


The Fascia is the trim of your roof, it runs horizontally across your home and vertically up the roof edge, basically a protective seal for your roof. These often get damaged due to moisture, and it's essential to make sure that yours is secured properly so that nothing gets in your home.


The soffit is the small part of your roof that hangs off of the edge, exposed, to allow air circulation and ventilate your attic. If this is damaged, it can cause poor ventilation and as a byproduct, moisture to accumulate.

Can you do it?

Yes, some of these tasks can be performed by yourself, but would you do them correctly? Improper care can cut the lifetime of your roof in half. So as always, if you’re not sure, call a professional to ensure the maintenance is done properly.

For even more specifics and how to pinpoint those issues head-on, you can click here.

"But my roof looks fine; I don't think that there's anything wrong with it."

If you’re someone that believes your roof only has a problem if you can see it, you are mistaken. Sometimes you’ll never see the issue until it’s too late. It never hurts to get your roof looked at, but it does hurt to neglect it. Besides, we'll come to check it out for free, no cost or obligation to you.

Thank you for the continued support!

-New Look Roof Team

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