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What Exactly Is Synthetic Slate?

In a previous article where we spoke about warranties, we mentioned that some companies out there use a material called synthetic slate. We wanted to explain that more so that you can be more cautious when getting any work on your roof done.

So, what is synthetic slate, you say? Typically, synthetic slate made out of plastic or rubber, but it looks very similar to authentic slate. It’s much cheaper to make and easier to install, so some roofing companies will try using it in order to obtain a more substantial profit. That is wrong. We’re talking about the roof that protects your family here. Material like that will not last you the lifetime guarantee that they promise you. You’ll be lucky if the synthetic slate holds its shape for five years without any curling or discoloring.

Some try to argue that the synthetic slate will last anywhere between 90-100 years, which would be a great, except there is zero evidence that it can hold up for that length of time, seeing as testing for synthetic slate hasn’t even been a thing for that long. Companies are advertising synthetic products and offering false warranties on products that have only existed as long as their company has, compared to the hundreds of years that natural slate has been in use.

Not only to mention the most critical detail of why you shouldn’t be using synthetic slate - It’s horrible for the environment. How would you dispose of rubber when it’s worn down and unusable? You can’t recycle it. Natural slate is a mineral product that is recyclable and much healthier for the environment. They aren’t too far from each other in price, but the natural slate is much higher quality material that will last you longer.

When you’re hiring someone to install a roof on your home, you want to know what you’re having done. Being able to identify if they’re using the right material could save you a lot of money down the road. If you have any questions, you can email us at jwest@newlookroofs.com or newlookconstruction502@gmail.com

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