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What are “Double-Glazed” Windows?

When it comes to the windows in your home, you want the best. They are what keeps your family safe and warm inside, and any other unwanted substances or creatures outside. When it comes to that type of protection, you want the best quality. Today let’s talk about the different types of windows there are and which you should be using in your home.

What Are ‘Double-Glazed’ Windows?

A ‘double-glazed window’ is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a window with two panes of glass, an insulated glass unit (IGU) combines multiple glass panes into a single window system. So, if you hear the expression ‘triple-glazed, then there are three panes of glass. Make sense? The more panes that you’re dealing with the more energy efficient your home will be.

The benefits of double-glazed windows:

Noise Eliminator

Most of us have dealt with the pains of noisy neighbors. Having properly insulated windows can help avoid issues with hearing the outside world, and help you get the good night of sleep that you deserve. Along with that, it helps keep any noise coming from within your home inside. This way you can enjoy your privacy when having a conversation, and you can comfortably put music on without disturbing your neighbors. These are great especially if you live in a busy area!

Lower Energy Bills

By doing this, it allows your house to retain most of the heat it gains from the sun during the day. The result of this will have you using your heat less during the winter, as well as not having to blast the A/C as high during the summer. This will keep more money in your pocket to do activities with your family.

Minimal Condensation

Have you ever noticed moisture on your windows building up? That’s happening because your windows are cooler than the air in the rest of the house. While it may not be too much of a concern, if this type of issue goes unresolved for too long, the moisture may begin to build up and cause problems such as mold or mildew, and even cause the wooden window frames to rot. By having double-glazed windows, you will reduce the moisture and avoid any costly maintenance.

Higher Property Value

Choosing to install double-glazed windows not only makes your house more sustainable and comfortable to live in, it makes the home more appealing to potential buyers when it comes time for you to sell. Remember, the details matter!

Outside Appeal

Having double-glazed windows is a fantastic way to boost the curb appeal of your home. Not only does your home get great insulation making it comfortable for you all year round, but you get better security, less moisture, better sound insulation, and your home is protected from the damage of UV rays and heat. Not to mention how eco-friendly double-glazed windows are. While it may range higher in price in comparison to single-glazed, can you really put a price tag on quality? If you have any questions you can find more information on our website here.

Thanks for reading!

-New Look Roof Team

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