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Value Add: Fantastic Exterior Home Improvements

First impressions are everything. That’s why when it comes to your home, you want it to look it’s best. Your roof, siding, and windows are going to the first things a guest sees upon entering your driveway. Are they going to be noticing missing shingles and cracked siding? There are some fairly cost-effective ways that you can go about this, the first one being small home improvements! Let’s talk about some of the things you could be doing to improve the exterior presence as well as increase the overall value of your home.

The Roof

Your roofing system is probably the most crucial one to check because it’s like the security blanket that protects your home. While most people won’t notice the detail of a roof with every shingle set perfectly in place, they will notice a roof that has shingles hanging off or just flat out missing. Not sure if you’re in need of some repairs or an entirely new roofing system? That’s alright; we can help you determine that. It’s estimated that, on average, a new roof increases home resale value by $12,000. Depending on where you live, of course. That’s an average of %63 return on your investment.


Besides the roof, your siding will be the next biggest factor that people will look at when they see your home. They’ll see if the siding is missing, if any panels are warped or rotted and if the paint needs a little touch-up. It’s important to stay up to date with the status of your siding for a few reasons. Siding protects your home from any outside resources, such as moisture, mold, and bugs. Not to mention, it helps keeps your energy bill down. Choosing to reside in your home can add a significant amount of resale value to your property. In fact, it’s estimated that you’ll see a %89 return on your investment. With numbers such as that, you should highly consider making your home’s siding a top priority if you intend to sell in the next year.


Windows are the eyes of your home. They allow natural sunlight to come in, they give you a glimpse of the world outside, and they allow you to feel a natural, cool breeze when needed. Having a good window system in your home can not only improve the appearance, but it helps keep moisture out and your energy bills low. On average, you will get a %74 return on your investment if you choose to replace your home’s windows, which is incredible!

Curb Appeal

If your budget is tight, but you still want to improve the overall aesthetic of your home, perhaps you could invest in a few plants for the front yard! On average, just adding a few trees to your yard can increase the value by 10 to 15 percent in the sale price. In the broad spectrum of things, it may not seem like much, but overall that’s a few extra thousand dollars in your pocket just for planting a few trees.

Overall, when it comes to adding value, there are many small projects that you can do in order to get more back on your investment. If you have any questions, you can always reach us on our website here. Also, don’t forget that financing is available as well! We hope that you’re having a great month so far. Thanks for reading!

-New Look Roof Team

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