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Spring is the time for home improvements.

Spring is one of the best times of the year. The winter seasonal depression begins to wear off, and you start to begin feeling like yourself again. As the ice and snow begin to melt, you may notice that your home isn’t in the best condition. The paint on your siding is faded, you see shingles missing from the roof. Things that you know potential buyers will look at if the day comes that you wish to sell your home. Let’s discuss some of the things that you’ll want to target first:

The Roof.

Your roof is the #1 protective shield around your home. It endures all types of weather and (in installed properly) should keep your family warm and dry during bad weather. If your roof was damaged during the winter, you want to have that fixed ASAP before spring hits. We’ve all heard the term, “April showers bring May flowers!” Don’t let your family get soaked from the rain this spring. Even if the roof didn’t face any significant damage, you may want to replace it if your home is older, and you believe that the roof is just as old. Choosing to replace an old roof can increase the value of your home by $12,000. Not to mention, it looks beautiful!

The Siding.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, it’s essential to keep up with the maintenance of your home’s siding because if it rots, you don’t want to be dealing with any mold. If you notice any older pieces of siding that look like they are on their last leg, it may be best to replace them and repaint. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can help with the curb appeal and should last you a while, on average, an exterior paint job shouldn’t need to be touched for four to six years.

The Gutters.

Your gutters protect the foundation of your home and push away and water or snow that’s built up. If your gutter isn’t doing its job right, they may tend to pull down and away from the house, damaging your roof as well. You also want to make sure that the downspouts are pointing away from your home and aren’t clogged with anything. Gutters are relatively cheap and easy to replace, but they make a huge difference in helping protect your home. You wouldn’t want your beautiful garden to flood this spring, make sure that you’re protected.

The Windows.

If you noticed that your electric bill was much higher than usual this winter, the problem may lie in your windows. If they aren’t insulated properly, they allow heat to escape, which forces your furnace to work twice as hard to pump out the average amount of heat. Cleaning the outside of your windows is an ideal spring home improvement project, and only costs your time and effort! Also, it gives you a peace of mind having fresh, clean windows.

These are a few projects that can create better overall wellness for your home and help give you that jump start on the warm season. As always, if you have any questions, you may reach us on our website here. We hope that you’re having a great month so far!

Thanks again for reading,

-New Look Roof Team

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