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Is my siding protecting my home properly?

The siding on a house is pretty important. Not only does it improve the home's visual appeal, it also is the first barrier of protection from the elements to the home. Like most parts of the house, siding is only an effective layer of protection when it is in good repair. Any issues with siding also need to be dealt with as swiftly as possible. Today, let’s examine some of the signs that your siding is no longer shielding your home properly.

Cracked Siding

While cracked or damaged siding may seem innocuous at first, it can actually lead to some long term damage. Your siding is meant to protect the house underneath from weather, especially precipitation. Cracked, gapped, or missing siding can allow moisture to creep into the wood underneath. This can cause mold in the walls, which can be difficult to remove. It also leaves room for pests to get in. While not all pests will cause damage, termites can wreak havoc on a home.


If there is evidence of mold, whether it is visible under siding or on the outside, this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately to prevent it from spreading. Oftentimes the damage isn’t seen until it spreads through to the inner portion of the wall, and becomes visible from inside the house. This is cause for prompt action and at that point will likely require professional assistance. For a quick do’s and don’ts list on mold, check out one of our previous posts.

Bulging/Warped Siding

This may not be an indicator of any damage or need to replace the siding, but it does require some further investigation. For example, a grill placed close to the house can cause some warping in the siding when it becomes hot. However, if there are no known external factors causing the siding the warp, it may be time to replace the siding. This could also be an indicator of water damage, which as mentioned above, will need a quick resolution.

Increased Climate Control Bill

Have you noticed a major increase in your heating or cooling bill? It’s possible the culprit is your siding! Siding protects your home from heat, wind, rain, and all kinds of weather. Naturally, if it is in poor condition, it won’t protect as well. This can cause an increase in your heating and cooling bill. Here are some other common causes in an increased bill, and how to fix them.

If you’re inspecting your home and notice any of these signs, we’re here to help! Feel free to reach out at any time - we’re available 24/7.

-Absolute Services Team

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