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Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

Windows are something in our homes that we use on a daily basis. Whether we use them to let a breeze into the room, or the room we’re in needs more sunlight. Let’s face it, windows are a very important part of your home. How do we know when it’s time to replace them?

Here are some signs that it’s time for new windows:

High energy bills

If you notice that your energy bills have suddenly started spiking, the issue could be a draft, and while your windows may be shut the cold/warm air is escaping outside and going to waste. Older windows are typically single-paned and vulnerable to leaks. Replacing them can save you money as well as keep your home warmer in the cold months.

Are they damaged?

Do you ever deal with those hefty windows that don’t want to go up, or when they do, refuse to come down? That’s a sign that a window is aging, and it might be time to be replaced. Other signs to watch for could be fogged up windows, or again feeling a draft of cold air coming inside. In some cases, the repair may be minor such as needing new weather-stripping or hardware. The best way to know is to have a professional opinion.


Do you hear a lot of sound from your neighbors? Older windows allow sound waves to enter from outside of your home. If you had the correct windows they would block it out. The best energy efficient windows will absorb any sound waves before they can come into your home. Giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.


If you live in an area that deals with humidity, you may see condensation on your windows. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to see, but it’s important to be aware of the bad condensation. Too much moisture can build up. Since it can’t escape anywhere it can create mold and mildew, then you have some serious issues. If you’d like to read more about the signs of good and bad condensation, you can click here. It also doesn’t hurt to have someone come look at it.

It’s important to recognize any issues head on to save yourself the trouble later on. We’re always here if you have any questions.

Thank you as always for reading,

-New Look Roof Team

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