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How to Remove Snow from Your Roof, Safely!

As we approach the winter months, it's essential to check a few conditions of your home that will ensure your home will be protected from any damage during heavy snowfalls. The most crucial detail to remember is making sure you get the snow off after a storm.

How much snow should fall before it needs attention?

Snow and ice weigh about five pounds for every inch by square foot. It's recommended that you get it removed every six inches of snowfall. Choosing to neglect this can cause the snow to pile up, and anything more than two feet is where you may start to see damage in the structure of your roof. That damage can vary from a small leak to your entire roof system failing.

What kind of condition is your roof in?

If you live in an older home and have never inspected the condition of your home's roof, there's potential that there could be rotted wood, shingles, or any other variety of decaying. A large build-up of snow or ice mixed with a leak could cause it to collapse. If that happens, it can be costly. We recommend having a professional come out to take a look before winter. You're in luck...we give free quotes.

How much will it cost?

Typically, it should cost somewhere between $100 to $300 to hire someone to remove snow from an average-sized roof. That price will depend on how much snow there is and if ice is a factor. It also depends on the condition of your home's roof. When it comes to snow removal, this kind of task can be done by yourself, although it's not recommended as it can be dangerous.

Are you using the proper tools?

If you do choose to remove the snow yourself, you should be aware of what tools are the most effective way to get the snow off without damaging your shingles or hurting yourself. You should always be using a plastic shovel when removing snow. Any other type of objects put you at risk for causing damage, and then you may start experiencing leaks.

Remember, it's always free to stay educated about your home. I do hope that this has helped prepare you for the colder months. You can always reach us at newlookconstruction502@gmail.com if you have any questions or feel free to leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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