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Does Your Roofer Protect Your Roof?

Whenever you invest in anything, no matter how big or small, you should make sure that you’re covered in case something happens that isn’t your fault. That’s why when you go to a store and purchase a new TV, you always make sure to bring home the receipt in case there are any issues. This is exponentially more important with large purchases. You wouldn't purchase a brand-new car and not ask about a warranty, would you? Don't do that when replacing the roof on your home.

Always ask what type of warranties they offer.

When you spend money on investing in your home, you always want the work performed in writing. Along with that, you want to be asking what type of warranty the company that you're hiring offers. A lot of people will aim their focus on how long the warranty is covering them, but they forget to ask what it includes.

You want to be asking important questions such as if they have a manufacturer warranty to cover the materials or if it’s a basic contractor roof warranty. Contractor roof warranties typically do not include materials and only cover quality of craftsmanship.

So, what are you covered for exactly? What's the scope? What's the length?

These are the questions that can save you some trouble down the road. You may be covered for things such as damage from hail or high winds, or even roof leaks, but are you covered from the other unpreventable situations such as fires or flooding? We can never control what happens to us, unfortunately, but we are in control of knowing if we're covered when life's accidents happen.

It's a brand-new roof, do I need a warranty?

If you come across a company that tries telling you that their work doesn't need a warranty because it's guaranteed to last, don't listen. A cheap company won't cover their shoddy work. It's plain and simple.

That's another point where you should be researching the types of material that they intend to use as well if they're using synthetic slate stay away. Some companies will use that because it's cheaper material to obtain and gives them a more significant profit. A real professional would never condone using that material. That product will curl, crack, and disintegrate. Also, don't forget to have the materials list included in the written agreement, along with your warranty.

Also, if you have the mindset, “What if I’m not living in this home 15 years from now? I don’t need a 30-year warranty” Keep in mind that you wouldn’t want to move into a new home and have to worry about the roof, right? Also, most reputable companies can work with you and find what would best fit your needs. It never costs you to ask questions!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach us directly at jwest@newlookroofs.com; we hope that you're having a great week so far!

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