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Does It Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced: Part Two

In a previous blog that we posted, we talked about the differences in issues with windows and siding, and whether or not they should be repaired or replaced. Today I would like to continue that topic, except our areas that we’re going to target is the roofing system and the gutters.


Your roof is the shield that protects your home. It has to be in good shape, or else you’ll be experiencing unwanted things inside such as water, critters, insects, and any other objects that can be brought in by a storm. Now, when you do experience any damage, it’s essential to get it fixed immediately to avoid having to do a full replacement later down the road.

When it comes to the maintenance of your home’s roof, there will be times where you’ll feel unsure if you should repair or replace something. If you see one or two shingles missing, that’s an easy fix. Once you start to see a few more is when caution should arise. Having too many gaps in your roofing system allows anything to come in; rain, snow, wind, leaves, and worst of all, bugs.

Another good way to check how your roof is doing is from the inside. Look at your interior walls. Do you see lots of built-up moisture? Is the pain coming off of the walls? The issues are telling you that there’s a leak in your roof, if the damage seems minimal, you may be able to fix it for a fraction of the cost. Left unseen for too long though, and you’ll be doing an entire roof replacement.

The last factor that you should think about when inspecting your roof is the age. Are you aware of how old your home is or when the last time someone came out and looked at the roof? Whenever you move to a new home, you should always have a professional come out and ensure that everything is safe first, especially if the home that you’re moving in to is a bit older.


I know some of you will think, “Do gutters actually get replaced?” Due to them being outside and out of mind most of the time, but the answer to that is yes. The average life expectancy for your gutters is about 20 years. So how often should you be paying attention to them?

The best thing that you can do is walk outside on a nicer day, look around at your gutters. Do you see any holes or a build-up of rust, especially towards the bottom? Holes can be patched, but rust should be replaced. Rust is like fire; once it begins, it spreads.

If you notice that your gutters sag down or have begun to pull away from your home, that’s the easiest way to tell that they need some care and attention. Your gutters should never sag or pull away. This says to you that they are full of water and pulling away due to their weight.

If you’re ever curious about something or just plain unsure, we’re always here for you and will come do the first quote for free. Thanks again for reading!

-New Look Roof Team

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