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5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

The siding on your home is like the outer shell that everyone sees. They see everything, the good and the bad. What do most people tend to notice first? The bad. It’s fairly easy to distinguish if your home’s siding is in need of some repair, let’s talk about some of the signs that you should be looking for:

1. Dry Rot

This is the kind of issue that you want to catch before you can see it. Even though your siding may appear to be alright, have you checked more than the exterior? Dry rot is what happens when fungi starts to eat away at the body of your siding, and when pieces of siding are being affected from the decay you should replace them immediately because extensive dry rot requires your entire house to be re-sided. That’s when your wallet will really start to hurt.

2. Rising Power Bills.

There are multiple reasons as to why your energy bills have suddenly started to spike. The first place you should check is your roof or attic, but if all is well in those areas, the issue may reside in your siding. If your siding isn’t doing it’s job properly, your home isn’t being insulated thus making your heating and cooling units to work harder in order to keep a constant temperature. Ensuring that these issues are fixed will save you a ton of money down the road!

3. Any Growth.

Being the outer protective shell of your home, your siding will have to deal with moisture, and keeping it outside. Once moisture gets into your siding and begins to grow, it begins to form mold, fungus, and mildew. These substances grow wherever moisture is available. This is a huge concern and should not go unnoticed to avoid any more problems further.

4. It Doesn’t Look Good.

If you’ve lived in your home for longer than 5 years, you probably have a pretty good idea of how well the overall appearance of your home has held up, including things like the condition of the siding to the vibrance of the paint on the exterior. Like I mentioned earlier, everyone sees the exterior of your home. Are they seeing cracked and loose siding falling off? Chipped paint that hasn’t been touched in ages? Not only does it reflect on the overall appearance, but it also affects your home’s value.

5. Why Replace? It Adds Value to Your Home.

It doesn’t take a professional to see that the exterior of your home is having issues, but it does take a professional to fix them. In fact, if you can stand at a distance and see significant, damaged areas, you’ve already waited too long. Do yourself and your family a favor, and have those issues looked at already. It creates a more safe environment to live in, as well as helps you get back more of your investment when it comes time to sell.

If you have any questions or concerns after reading this, we’re always here to help. In fact, we can get you started with a free quote if you go to our website here. Everyone deserves to have a safe home, especially with the holidays coming up. Thank you for reading!

-New Look Roof Team

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